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About Building Bloxs
Building Bloxs was founded by Fiona Taylor and Emma Zenaj. The sole purpose of Building Bloxs is based around building empowerment, confidence and support of parents of children with additional needs via training, workshops and support networking. We can also offer support to parents who have no identified additional needs but whom feel they may benefit from one of our resources. One of our fundamental aims is to help bridge the difficulties between families and education, professionals and services by supporting by empowering the parents to take control and be proactive in their approach. By helping parents understand their child and their needs we feel this enables them to work alongside professionals to gain the best outcome for the child.
Building Bloxs are supported by the National Lottery and the Tees Valley Community Foundation.
Building Bloxs - Who We Are and What We Do
What We Are
  • An experience & knowledge based service

  • Flexible and adaptable

  • Impartial

  • Non-judgemental
What We Offer
  • Understanding, awareness & confidence building

  • Support to develop and grow

  • Promotion of ownership of issues and concerns

  • Encourage proactive team work and responsibility taking

The Solihull Approach
This 12 week programme is offered in a parenting group for parent/carers from universal to complex needs and aged 0-18 years. It is based on the Solihull Approach model of containment, reciprocity and behaviour management and uses social learning theory in the design of the parenting programme. Online support network and opportunity for face to face group led support.
The Uber Programme

- Understanding your child’s additional needs
- Building personal portfolio’s
- Empowering parents to make a change
- Relationship building-getting the best for your child-working with professionals and educational settings
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